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Jesper Wung-Sung's debut ”To ryk og en aflevering” (Kick and Rush) was awarded The Best Debutant Award at the Copenhagen Book Fair in 1998. His books are sold to USA, Germany, France, Italy and Holland.

Out now in France

and Holland.

Critically acclaimed

starreviewed novel.

Out in USA

Critically acclaimed 


- White Raven 2017.

-  Shortlisted for the best children book of 2017, The Ministry of Culture, Denmark.

- Awarded the Danish Arts Council's Award for Best Children's and YA Fiction 2018

- White Raven 2019

Out in Germany, Italy and Holland.

Unanimous critical acclaim for Boot Canute:

"Jesper Wung-Sung knows how to create an atmosphere in way that very few writers can;

it takes hold from the very first page – without the reader quite being able to put a finger on what Wung-Sung has done so well. You are drawn into his fictional universe, you feel with his characters." KultuNaut *  *  *  *  *  *

”… this is wonderfully observed and utterly engagingly told. Jesper Wung-Sung challenges himself again and again (…) he writes with great vitality in a powerful, mellifluous language.” Skolebiblioteket

”… if there is someone who can find the right words and story to match the gamut of feelings tumbling within us all, then Jesper Wung-Sung can.” FynsAmtsAvis *  *  *  *  *

“Here is one of the most wonderful friendships to be created in recent Danish Children’s fiction (…) in this story there is great insight into both life and death. (…) It is a beautiful story, which opens many doors." Politiken *  *  *  *  *

”(A) sensitive and humorous portrait of a boy with cancer.” Weekendavisen

”This is a grave, well-written, warm and relevant novel.” Bogbotton

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