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Jesper Wung-Sung’s fiction always seeks a conversation with his reader and is written in the tradition of a modern European & American literature that includes writers like, Søren Kirkegaard, J.P. Jacobsen, Franz Kafka, Scott F. Fitzgerald and Cormac McCarthy.

   JUST MEN is the story about the three childhood friends Jon, Christian and Peter who grew up on the Danish island of Langeland. The luminous backdrop to the novel is the Langeland Bridge that is also the scene of a tragic accident leading to the death of Christian. Twenty years later, his life in ruins, Jon returns to the island, where he imagines Peter has found the elixir to life.

  The Danish title, ‘MEN’, can be translated as a noun depicting ‘permanent injury’ or the ‘ill-effects after an accident’, or as the conjunction ‘but’ in the sense of introducing a contrasting argument. Both on a linguistic and narrative level JUST MEN endeavours to ‚bridge the mental gap‘ between two male friends, between men and women, between past and present, between the multiple personalities within ourselves, and--not least of which--between writer and reader.

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