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“This novel has simply got style ... it maintains an almost Classicist ideal of balance in both narrative style and moral ....  (A)n unusual combination of pathos and humour that calls to mind the American hippie novelist and poet, Richard Brautigan.” 

Frits Andersen, Weekendavisen 1/2/2002

“Wung-Sung drives his narrative forwards with an equal measure of sensibility and relentlessness.”

John. Chr. Jørgensen, Ekstrabladet, 6/1/2002

”Wung-Sung’s finely-tuned ear for the jargon amongst friends gives this novel a particular tone with a pliable and humorous field of reference that is both heartfelt and vibrantly credible. There is not a single false note in this young adult novel that resonates with a truth that effortlessly combines the Classic with the Modern.”

Henning Mørch Sørensen, Information, 29/7/2002

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