Illustrated Book Drengen der ville redde julemanden fra at blive skåret i skiver, illustrated by Lasse B. Weinreich, published by Høst og Søn, Denmark.



D. 12. sep: København (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 15. sep: Gentofte

D. 17. sep: Struer

D. 18. sep: Randers (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 18. sep: Randers

D. 19. sep: Middelfart

D. 22. sep: Bornholm

D. 23. sep: Bornholm

D. 24. sep: Bornholm (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 25. sep: Dianalund

D. 27. sep: Roskilde (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 29. sep: Odense (kun oplæsning)

D. 2. okt: Aarhus (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 2. okt: Thisted

D. 3. okt: Thisted (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 4. okt: Thurø

D. 5. okt: Oure (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 8. okt: Næstved

D. 10. okt: Grenaa (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 10. okt: Grenaa (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 11. okt: Odense

D. 22. okt: Rønde

D. 23. okt: Løgstør

D. 24. okt: Morsø

D. 25. okt: København

D. 26. okt: København (Bogforum)

D. 27. okt: Helsinki (Bogmesse)

D. 28. okt: Helsinki (Bogmesse)

D. 29. okt: Oslo (Nordisk Råd)

D. 30. okt: Oslo (Nordisk Råd)

D. 1. nov: Vejle (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 2. nov: Odense (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 4. nov: Brøndby

D. 5. nov: København (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 6. nov: Odsherred (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 6. nov: Odsherred (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 8. nov: Viborg (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 8. nov: Skive

D. 11. nov: Rudkøbing

D. 12. nov: Greve

D. 13. nov: Haslev

D. 14. nov: Hedensted (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 14. nov: Hedensted (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 15. nov: Hedensted (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 15. nov: Hedensted (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 16. nov: Strynø

D. 19. nov: Rødding (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 19. nov: Rødding

D. 20. nov: Odense (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 21. nov: Ubberud

D. 23. nov: Sorø (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 23. nov: Sorø (udsolgt/lukket)

D. 26. nov: Ryslinge

D. 28. nov: Værløse (udsolgt/lukket)



10.08.18: Graphic Novel Den uægte, illustrated by Palle Smith, published by Høst og Søn, Denmark.



10.04.18: Ud med Knud (Boot Canute), published as " Il mio amico Knud" from Piemme, Italy. Translated by Eva Valvo. HERE.



26.03.18: Lynkineser was shortlisted for The Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize 2018. HERE.

24.03.18: Guest in Diva og Dario (P4-Danish Radio). HERE.

10.03.18: The film rights of En anden gren [Show med] sold to Regner Grasten Film. The films director is going to be Charlotte Sachs Bostrup, who also writes the filmscript with Flemming Klem. The recordings are scheduled to begin next year with filmpremiere in 2020.

05.03.18: The picture book Lillefingeren (The Little Finger), illustrated by Otto Dickmeiss is shortlisted for the best children book of 2017, The Ministry of Culture, Denmark.



19.02.18: Guest in P4 Fyn-Eftermiddag: HERE.

19.02.18: Guest in TV2/Fyn: HERE.

11.02.18: Guest in the danish television show Vi ses hos Clement. HERE.

01.02.18: Guest in the danish television show Aftenshowet. HERE.

01.02.18: En anden gren (Show me) wins De Gyldne Laurbær 2017. HERE.


On tour:

Tirsdag d. 6. februar: Marstal (Udsolgt)

Onsdag d. 7. februar: Rudkøbing (Udsolgt)

Torsdag d. 8. februar: Sønderborg (Udsolgt)

Tirsdag d. 20. februar: Taastrup (Udsolgt)

Onsdag d. 21. februar: Ølstykke

Torsdag d. 22. februar: Broby

Mandag d. 26. februar: Gladsaxe

Tirsdag d. 27. februar: Viby Sjælland (Udsolgt)

Onsdag d. 28. februar: Lejre (udsolgt/lukket arrangement)

Onsdag d. 28. februar: Frederikssund

Torsdag d. 1. marts: Helsinge (udsolgt/lukket arrangement)

Torsdag d. 1. marts: Vejle

Mandag d. 5. marts: Aarhus (udsolgt/lukket arrangement)

Tirsdag d. 6. marts: Hjørring (udsolgt/lukket arrangement)

Tirsdag d. 6. marts: Thisted

Onsdag d. 7. marts: Nørbæk (udsolgt/lukket arrangement)

Onsdag d. 7. marts: Holstebro

Tirsdag d. 13. marts: Kolding (udsolgt/lukket arrangement)

Tirsdag d. 13. marts: Kolding

Onsdag d. 14. marts: Ringkøbing

Torsdag d. 15. marts: Silkeborg

Mandag d. 19. marts: Odder

Tirsdag d. 20. marts: Skanderborg

Onsdag d. 21. marts: Albertslund

Torsdag d. 22. marts: Ballerup

Torsdag d. 5. april: Odense (udsolgt/lukket arrangement)

Fredag d. 6. april: Aalborg

Lørdag d. 6. april: Aalborg

Mandag d. 9. april: Aarhus

Tirsdag d. 10. april: Horsens (udsolgt/lukket arrangement)

Onsdag d. 11. april: Frederikshavn

Torsdag d. 12. april: Sæby (udsolgt/lukket arrangement)

Mandag d. 16. april: Holbæk

Tirsdag d. 17. april: Herlev

Torsdag d. 19. april: Askov (udsolgt/lukket arrangement)

Lørdag d. 21. april: København

Mandag d. 23. april: Odsherred

Lørdag d. 26. maj: Birkerød



01.01.17. En anden gren (Show me) is shortlisted for MARTHA-prisen 2018 HERE





On tour


01.12: En anden gren (Show me) is short-listed for DR Romanprisen 2018 HERE.



On tour

10.11-12.11: Copenhagen Bookfair (BogForum).



On tour


12.10: Frankfurt Book Fair 2017: The illustrated book Lillefingeren [The Little Finger] selected as a White Raven Book of the International Youth Library which i.a. annually publishes an acclaimed list of outstanding fiction for children and young adults from across the world. HERE.




03.09: En anden gren (Show Me)-talk with Rikke Viemose at Thiemers Magasin. HERE.

01.09: En anden gren [Show Me] published in Denmark. Star reviewed novel: HERE




23.05: Illustrated book Dyrene og tiden (The animals and the Time), illustrated by Ursula Seeberg, published by Høst og Søn, Denmark.

22.05: Ud med Knud (Boot Canute), published as "Foert met knoert" from ClavisNederland, Holland. Translated by Annelies van Hees.

02.05: Talk with Trine May at Gyldendal for teachers about the books Lillefingeren, Lynkineser m.m..

01.05: Lynkineser (Squib ), illustrated by Rasmus Meisler, private pictures and other graphic work published by Dansklærerforeningen in Denmark. A book in the serie "Min historie" (My Story) Sample HERE.



- Blixen-Talks at "Ordkraft" (Book Fair) in Aalborg. Talking with author Ahmad Mahmoud, editor Charlotte Jørgensen og professor Peter Stein Larsen.



- Opfer (The School) was in Germany chosen as one of six favorites by the Leipziger Jugend-Literatur-Jury. HERE.

- JWS on tour! 30 talks in 25 days.

03.03: The picture book Lillefingeren (The Little Finger), illustrated by Otto Dickmeiss, published by Høst og Søn in Denmark. Sample HERE.



09.02: Ud med Knud (Boot Canute) published as "Weg mit Knut" from Carl Hanser Verlag, Germany. Translated by Friederike Buchinger. Details available in German HERE.

- "Weg mit Knut" (Boot Canute) is mentioned in the german radioprogram "Deutschlandradio - Buchkritik". Listen HERE


05.02: The movie: "1-2-3-GO!" won the Blockbuster Audience Award at Robert Award 2017. From the show:


05.02: The movie: "1-2-3-GO!" is short-listed for a Robert Award for the best children- and youth movie 2017.



30.01: The Last Execution (Den sidste henrettelse) is in U.S.A. mentioned as 1 of 41 Outstanding International Books: Presenting the 2017 USBBY (IBBY) Selections here:






07.11: JWS at BogForum / The Copenhagen Book Fair.

03.11: 'Ud med Knud' [Boot Canute] sold to Clavis Books, Amsterdam.

02-06.11: The film En-to-tre-NU! [One-two-three-GO!] based on the novel of the same name (2001) shown at the Lübeck Film Festival in Germany. Details available here:



23.10: The dystopian YA novel 'Les Copies' [The Copies] trans. Jean-Baptiste Coursaud nominated for the Utopiales European Youth Award. Winners announced at the Nantes International Science Fiction Festival 2016. Details available here: (French) and (English)


20.10: Frankfurt Book Fair 2016: The novel 'ZAM' [ZAM the Zombie] selected as a White Raven Book of the International Youth Library which i.a. annually publishes an acclaimed list of outstanding fiction for children and young adults from across the world.


12.10: The poem 'Det halve rige' / 'Half the Kingdom' is selected as Poem of the Week by the international literary magazine The Missing Slate.



The film En-to-tre-NU! [One-two-three-GO!] based on the novel of the same name (2001) now available on i tunes here:!/id1128959576?l=da



27.08: The graphic novel Diego & Dolly illustrated by Palle Schmidt published by Høst & Søn, Copenhagen.



16.07-21.07: JWS at White Ravens Festival 2016, tour of southern Germany. Details available here:





19.07: at 11.30 and 14:00 :



16.06: The YA Novel ZAM [Zam the Zombie] honored with The Best Danish Book Design Award at the Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen. The novel will be exhibited in the Royal Danish Library from June to August 2016 as well as The Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 and The Copenhagen Book Fair 2016.




27.05: Zam [Zam the Zombie] short-listed for the Høst Literary Award 2016.

03.05: The film En-to-tre-NU! [One-two-three-GO!] premieres in Imperial Cinema, Copenhagen.

Watch the trailer:



17.04: The film En-to-tre-NU [One-two-three-GO!] based on the novel of the same name (2001) premieres in Svendborg.



22.03: The Last Execution published in the U.S.A. Reviewed in English by Kirkus Reviews here:

and here:


20.03: 'Opfer' trans. published by Hanser Verlag, Germany awarded the prestigious 'Best Book Design from all over the world' at the Leipzig Book Fair in Germany. Details available here (german):


and here (english):



01.02: Skolen [The School] published as Opfer, trans. Friederike Buchinger, in Germany.

Details available in German here:



29.01: The children’s books, Frøen og fluen [The frog & the fly] and Den hvide kanin og den sorte hat [The white rabbit and the black hat] published in Denmark. Reviewed in Danish by Information here:






Filming of Regner Grasten’s cinematic adaption of En-to-tre-NU! [One-two-three-GO!] in Svendborg and Malloca



06.11-08.11: Copenhagen Book Fair 2015: JWS lectures on his latest novel, ZAM [Zam the Zombie] and is interviewed by politician and former Danish minister Dan Jørgenson on exclusion from contemporary modern societies in relation to JWS authorship and ZAM [Zam the Zombie]


04.11: Kopierne [The copies] published as Les copies, trans. Jean-Baptiste Coursaud, in France. Reviewed in French here:


03.11: JWS lectures on the role of sport & the body in his fiction including En-to-tre-NU! [One-to-three-GO!] , Ægte brøker [Proper Fractions] and his debut collection of short stories, To ryk og en aflevering [Kick & Rush], Vorbasse library, Jutland



01.10: JWS debut collection of poetry Kommer let, går let [Easy come, easy go] published in Denmark


Ud med Knud (Boot Canute) was shortlisted for The Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize 2015



17.09: JWS gives a talk on community in literature and society at the cultural festival held at Humble Music Academy, Humble, Langeland.


10.09: ZAM [Zam the Zombie] published in Denmark



Kopierne [The copies] published as Dubbelgangers, trans. Maaike Lahaise, in Holland


JWS commemorates the inauguration of the new Teacher’s Academy in Aarhus with the poem Vi flytter os [We move on]


JWS poem De valgte [Freedom to choose] published in the Anthology Jeg vælger uden filter [I choose blindly]


06.08: JWS gives a lecture on Passion and the innovative mind-set at Holbælk theatre, Holbæk, Zealand



Literary portrait of JWS by Trine May published in the Literary Series Fandango 9



04.06: Ægte brøker [Proper Fractions] short-listed for English PENs Best New European Literary Voice in Translation. A pitch of the novel presented to a panel of editors by translator Lindy Falk van Rooyen at the European Literature Night 2015, Free Word Centre, London



Skolen [The school] published as Uitbraak, trans. Maaike Lahaise, in Holland



JWS on tour in Zealand and Jutland



Kopierne [The copies], illustrated by Søren Jessen published as a graphic novel in Denmark


16.03: JWS gives a lecture on literary antecedents and inspiration for his writing from H.C Andersen to Mark Twain, Gyldendal Press, Copenhagen



The film rights of En-to-tre-NU! [One-two-three-GO!] sold to Regner Grasten Film



Homage to Danish poet Halfdan Rasmussen in the Danish newspaper, Politiken. JWS contributes with the poem ’Z’





Ud med Knud [Boot Canute] sold to Hanser Verlag, Münich



Skolen [The School] and Kopierne [The Copies] sold to Clavis Books, Amsterdam


Dramatic adaptation of Den sidste henrettelse [The Last Execution] performed in Svendborg theatre


07-09.11: Copenhagen Book Fair 2014: JWS gives two interviews on MEN [JUST MEN] with respect to contemporary perspectives on masculinity in literature. JWS gives an overview of his career since his debut at the Fair in 1998 and discusses his latest novel Ud med Knud [Boot Canute] in a televised interview with DR1



24.10: JWS gives a lecture on ‘The living dead’ regarding literary inspiration for his work, Copenhagen University, Copenhagen


Kopierne [The copies] sold to Éditions du Rouergue, Arles, France


The short story ’Den rigtige mand’ [The right man] published in the anthology Så længe jeg skal ind ad din dør [Whilst I’m still here]



24.09: Ud med Knud [Boot Canute] published in Denmark



The dramatization rights of Den sidste henrettelse [The Last Execution] sold



The dramatization of the Children’s Book, Kamelen kom til sidst [And then God made the camel] on tour in Denmark



Aarhus University professor Søren Fanø P.hd, publishes his critical analysis of JWS fiction under the title Jesper Wung-Sung – et forfatterskab [Jesper Wung-Sung. An analysis], Samleren/Rosinante & Co., Copenhagen



Den sidste henrettelse [The Last Execution] sold to Antheneum Books for Young Readers / Simon & Schuster, New York, USA


15.05: JWS and sexologist and author Joan Ørting conduct a literary debate on issues of masculinity and male role models in provincial Denmark at Svendborg Community Centre



JWS on tour in Zealand and Jutland


09.04: JWS gives a lecture on the ‘outsider perspective’ in literature with reference to Kopierne [The copies], Skolen [The School] and Den sidste henrettelse [The last execution], Aarhus, Jutland



The short story ’Krigerne’ [The warriors] published in the anthology Barske brødre [The tough guys] in Denmark


05.03: JWS gives a lecture and interview on dead legs, male role models and masculine communities in his fiction with specific reference to MEN [JUST MEN], Politiken Press, Copenhagen, Denmark



Skolen, [The School] sold to Hanser Verlag, Münich, Germany



31.01: MEN [Just Men] published in Denmark. Featured in Jyllands Posten here:









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